Let's Talk Vets 

It is essential under the Animal Welfare Act for all owners to ensure a "Duty of Care", an important aspect of this is ensuring your pet is registered with an appropriate vet as soon as it is acquired. 

Below is a list of vets registered to deal with wild and exotic pets. Not all vets deal with all species, so please follow the links to find out more information. 

The green links depict Vets that hold qualification in zoological and exotic animals, as listed by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. Those qualified but not found listed on the RCVS website have not been highlighted. 

To conduct your own search please visit the RCVS website

(In addition to the vets listed below, MediVet, Companion Care Vets and Vets 4 Pets also offer selected exotic pet services. Please follow the links for further information.) 

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